Outreach Activity

The Outreach activity of Pope’s college is a part of work of the NSS, NCC and Youth Red Cross Society in which the local community is the target group. The college shows a strong sense of affection towards local poor people at various villages and feels to have an even stronger sense of accountability to the community. To think and talk about our neighborhood in an important mind set for the young students of the college. The various clubs of the college accommodate them in such activities.

The variety of activities that the NSS, NCC, Youth Red Cross Society and Blood donors’ club of the college sponsored to the poor people of the vicinity include awareness programmes on personal and environmental cleanliness, no plastic campaigns, go green ideology, safe drinking water, child health, women’s’ health, AIDS, blood donations, vermicomposting, gardening, hand craft work  and so on. Periodical NSS camps are conducted including holidays in chosen and adopted villages, home visits are made to the homes for mentally impaired and visually handicapped ones and food, dress materials, table- chairs etc are donated and cultural and music programmes are conducted for them. The best practice is that we offer ourselves and involve whole heartedly.

Pope’s Alumni Association

 The college has department level Alumni Associations that give its members an opportunity to proceed with the growth and development of the department concerned in particular and the college in general and to enhance their personal, educational, and professional development of the students and as well as that of the alumni members. The college maintains mutual benefits through relationships with the college community and its principal stakeholders, the alumni.


Notice Board

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