The NCC in India was formed with the National Cadet Corps Act of 1948, it was raised in 15th July 1948. The origin of NCC can be traced back to the University Corps, which was created Under the Indian Defence Act 1917, in 1949, the Girls Division was raised in order to give equal opportunities to school and college going girls. The NCC was  given and inter-service image in 1950 when the Air Wing was added, followed by the Naval wing in 1952.


                At the Headquarters level, this organization is headed by an Officer of the rank of Lieutenant General. He is the Director General of the NCC. The headquarters is located in New Delhi. There are 17 Directorate and Directorates have upto 14 group Headquarters under them through which they exercise their command and control of the organization in the state. Each group is headed by an Officer of the rank of Colonel or equivalent known as Group Commander. Each NCC Group Head Quarters controls  5-7 Units commanded by Lt. Colonel/Major or equivalent. Each Battalion consists of companies which are commanded by the Associate NCC Officer (ANO) of the rank of Lieutenant to Major. In all there are 91 Group Headquarters in the country who exercise control over a network of 658 Army wing Units (including technical and girls unit) 58 Naval wing Units and 58 Air Squadrons.

NCC at College

                NCC (Army wing) was introduced at Pope’s College in June 1964 as a Sub-unit of 23, TamilNadu Battalion. NCC, Thoothukudi Under NCC Directorate of TamilNadu & Pondicherry. Alfred Paul, the Physical Director was selected to appear for Pre-commission Training at NCC Academy Purandhar (Near Poona, Maharashtra State). He attended Training from September to December 1964. He won the prestigious Award of  ``The Director General’s Care of Honour” for All Round BEST Officer Cadet and Silver Medal for Best ``Bayonet Fighter”.

                Initially the Cadet strength was 200 as one company, As student population increased in our college another company was added. Prof. P.S. Sankaran of Department of Chemistry was chosen to go for Training. He attended his Pre-commission Training at kamptee, Nagpur. On his successful completion of Training. He was incharge of the second company of cadets which had a strength of 100 cadets.

                A shooting range was built inside the college campus at the Northern Bountry. The college campus was the venue for Annual Training Camp and combined Annual Training Camp. Many of our cadets joined the police Department, Mr. Rajendran and Mr. Benjamin Paulraj have served and retired as D.G.P and commissioner of Police respectively.

                The Naval Unit NCC has been raised in our college since 1994. Since its inception from 1995. Mr. D. Jeyasingh, Lecturer in Economics has been then the caretaker of NCC. Soon after he completed the Pre-commission course at Seamenship school Cochin from 06th march 1995 to 20th May 1995  S/Lt. D. Jeyasingh assumed charge as Associate NCC Officer of Division V NU, NCC of Pope’s College.

                The approved Cadet strength was 50 in 1994 and in every year the Cadet strength is maintained as 50. The enrolled cadets will undergo parade training, attending camps and at the end of the second year they would appear ‘B’ Certificate Examination and in the final year of graduation they would appear ‘C’ Certificate examination.

                The Cadets used to attend camps like combined Annual Training Camp (ATC), All India Leadership Camp (ALC), National Integration Camp (NIC), RDC (Republic Day Camp) NSC (Nausanic Camp, Vizak) and Expeditions like Trekking Expedition, Cycle Expedition and Firing practices.

NCC N&VY Wing Division V NUNCC

Pope's College, Sawyerpuram

Cadets of pope's college hare displayed a wonderful performance in NCC - 2016-2017

TamilNadu, Puduchery & Andaman - Nicobar Islands:

     1. M. Chelladurai of III BBA has represented in All India Nausanik camp - Naval Base, Karwar   from 6th Oct to 17th Oct 2016.

    2. R. Kavitha of II IT has represented Nousanic Inter Unit Competetion(IUC - NSC - 2016) held at puduchery from 21st - 30th August 2016 - secured Bronz Medal in service subject.

    3. A. Siranjeevi of III Economics has selected and represented National Integration camp       (NIC) held at Punjab - 2016          

    4. Saminathan of III BBA has selected and represented National Integration Camp (NIC) held at Rajpoor, Mathyapradesh - 2016

Associate NCC Officer : (ANO)

Training Course:

                The Associate NCC Officer, Sub Lt.Dr. D. Jones Rajan got commission in senior Division NCC with effect from 24 Dec 2016, after completion of the Pre-commission Training Course under the authority of Ministry of DeFence  govt. of Indian  at Seamanship School, Cochin from 24th Oct 2016 to 24th Dec 2016.

                The officer attended various camps like (CATC) combined Annual Training Camp, etc.

                The combined Naval Unit NCC had been introduced in the year 2004. Both boys and girls are enrolled in NCC. In view of this policy 30% of girls are enrolled. NCC cadets can easily get through the Uniform services with the help of passing both ‘B’ and ‘C’ Certificates.

               This year (3 TN) Naval Unit NCC Firing camp conducted at our college, Firing range very successfully arround 500 cadets participated this camp.