The Pope Eco-Club of our college was started in the year 1993 with a vision of creating environmental awareness among students and the society by the then principal of Pope’s College Major T.J.T. Rajkumar on 13th October with a motto of “Think Globally and Act Locally”.  With an entrusted team of students, Prof. S. Jeyasingh, Department of Mathematics,  Prof. C Angeline Stella, Department of  Zoology and Prof. J.Jebaraj, Department of Physics as President, Secretary and Treasurer respectively of the ECO - CLUB and Prof. P. Selvarathy, Prof. B. Ravindran  Department of Chemistry, and Prof. T. Chibi Chelliah, Department of Economics as staff advisers for the club. The young club started with on campus and off campus environmental activities as tree planting, fencing rare plants and trees, screening video shows to students and to the local residents.

          Every year new student members were included regularly and on campus and off campus activities had been progressed systematically. So far nearly forty seven trees were planted breezing the glory of the Eco-Club in our campus and our magnum opus of our activity was guarding the pillar roots of our college banyan tree with tree guards which saved the old tree intact even after successive storms in the late years of nineties. Every year green walk programs had been arranged by the staff coordinators for the young members of the club to places like Chengaltheri, Manjolai, Kodayar, Thenmalai, Munnar Estate etc in the Western Ghats. Members of our club actively participated in the Environmental awareness seminars and workshops annually conducted by other colleges. Guest talks were arranged by our college in different occasions.

          Some of our club members participated in the Biodiversity seminar conducted by St.John’s College, Palayamkottai at Project Tiger Chengaltheri in 1996. Similar programs organized by other colleges of our university jurisdiction were also commemorated by the participation of our members regularly. After 2004, Prof. C. Angeline Stella, Department of Botany, Dr J. Jebaraj, Department of Physics and Prof. P. Kutty Juskar, Department of Zoology acted as the staff coordinators of the club. Every year the eco-calendar of our college starts with the inclusion of new members steering with some eco activity of the year like tree planting, fencing followed by awareness programs  like processions on no plastics, traffic safety etc. and concluded with a trip to mountaineering, local village visits. With the farthest vision and taking care about the world’s environmental future and resources, saving the endangered species the Pope Eco-Club sails through the ocean of our great universe.

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