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Department of Zoology

            The Department of Zoology was started in the year 1973 by the founder and pioneer professor Mr. M. P. Lambert Isaac. The department makes a major contribution to the growth and development of the college. It has several excellent teaching - learning facilities including an exceptionally well-equipped laboratory with modern instruments, three lecture halls – two with LCD projection facility, a demonstration area for microbiology, a museum, an insectary, a botanical garden, a well-resourced department library with two computers and so on. It also has a great experience of raising an abandoned young crocodile saved from a flood hit area at Thoothukudi in 1993 until it was returned to the wild life sanctuary in 2007.

Former staff

Prof. M.P.Lambert Isaac

            Prof. M.P.Lambert Isaac joined the staff of Pope’s college and resourcefully headed the Department from 1962 onwards till his retirement in March 1993. He was expert teacher in various fields of Zoology and Botany. As an ideal teacher he wrote two text books and a practical guide for his students and edited two books on theology. He determined a species of Apus himself and published five original research articles on Apus longicaudatus (Le Conte.). He served on the boards of numerous Foundations and Journals. He was also a recipient of a number of honours. To the crown, he was awarded with the prestigious life membership in Zoological Survey of India, Kolkatta. Prof. Isaac died at his residence on Tuesday, the first January, 2008 following a short term but courageous battle with liver disorder. To him, death was just a biological entity. Now we do hope he is guiding us from heaven.


            Prof.P.Israel assumed leadership in 1993. He was a lovely teacher of the department. Honestly, I don't know where to begin, so I'll keep it simple! During my student life here, I loved his class very much. I found myself looking forward each hour to spend time with him. His style as a catalytic personality was very welcoming or rather amazing and accepting. He was broadminded and friendly with students. His societal involvement was complete and he only started the Sawyer Welfare Association to extend help to the needy. He was about to complete his research thesis on Endocrinology of Francolinus pondiserianus (L.) at the time of his death. He led the department for one year only and entered into his eternal life on 29.05.1994. His loss is heavily felt in the department.

Dr. Dravyam Selvarani

            Dr. Dravyam Selvarani took charge of the department in the year1995 and retired from service in 2007. She was the only inspiration to us to start diversified works in the department all in style. Dr. Selvarani is a genuinely enthusiastic personality and combined with preparation and knowledge her class room teaching would be more effective and her playing music and other roles would be confident. She taught us appraise ourselves and praise others; dream of success and enjoy that; be enthusiastic and honest with ourselves; do our best to the needy and not to look back and still she is guiding us in the same cadence. She has instituted two endowment prizes in the department in loving memory of her parents and has donated a huge sum towards the welfare of the college. She only took step to conduct three seminars sponsored by the UGC and AIACHE, to get UGC funded minor projects and encouraged others to engage in UGC projects. She only started the Biology Alumni Association (BAA) in the department. Now, the annual Alumni Meet arranged on 2nd October every year brings together hundreds of alumni from over the decades. It is a crucial event towards enhancing our relationship with our alumni who have distinguished themselves in so many diverse fields. At this moment, we would like to express our sincere thanks to our proud alumni who continue to support poor students of our department till date. Special thanks due to Dr.Selvarani and her sisters for the two endowments they instituted in loving memory of their parents in the department. She means a lot to us.

God bless her with good health.

Dept of Botany

            Dept of Botany is a sister department of Zoology. Dr.Annie Sornathai was the first member. She worked for a limited period here and later got privileged transfer to Sarah Tucker College, Palayamkottai. Mrs. C. Angeline Stella took charge as the Head of Botany in the year 1977. Just a note to tell you about our botany teacher Mrs. Angeline!  My student days learning and later my teaching career with her in the same department have really made guiding principles in my life. She is an ideal counselor and a very good teacher. ‘No failures’ in her subjects would be the result produced habitually in the university examinations. Every one of her lessons was organized so beautifully with plenty of study materials and drawings. We learned so much. She has been honoured with four awards – central, state, university and district level awards for her efficient teaching and innovative leadership in NSS activities and with a minor project by the UGC. She served her time in here as the warden of the women’s hostel. I feel very fortunate to work in this department with her. As a student and colleague, she guided me to better understand my career and life goals. The department sincerely thanks Mrs. Angeline Stella for her expertise made available to students and her huge financial contribution made to the college.

Former Lab attendants

            The department sincerely recognizes the service rendered by Mr.S.Rajendran, Mr. J.Israel and Mr.P.Thulasimani over the years. Their contribution to the development of the department was just remarkable.

Teaching and Learning

            Presently, the Department has a strength of four teaching staff – Dr.P.Duraipalam Thanasingh (HOD), Mrs.Y.S.Santhi Pon Indira (Associate professor), Mr.P.Kutty Juskar (Assistant Professor) and Dr. Mrs.Kalaiarasi Roselind (Temporary lecturer) to contribute to teaching and two lab attendants – Mrs.V.Rajeswari (Museum keeper) and Mr.P.Muralitharan (Lab assistant) to look after lab and other activities. The permitted student strength is 90.

            This is a great department and its staff members carry on teaching and research in areas ranging from Entomology to Aquaculture. All subjects are taught by lecture and practical methods. There are opportunities for students to spend time at field study visiting various important places and ecosystems through education tours throughout their degree course. In the final year, zoology students will undertake a research project. The project work run by the students provides training in a wide range of skills including presenting research articles in various colleges and the ability to carry out independent research projects in future.

            It is the prosperous department and has consistently received the highest assessment ratings.  In the NAAC assessment exercise, the department received the highest appreciation by the members of the PEER team. The team spent nearly 50 minutes of its precious time in our department interacting with students. So far, six university ranks have been conferred on our department - Mr.P.Duraipalam Thanasingh (I Rank), Mr.S.Arunachalam (I Rank), K.Amita (II Rank), N.Nithya (IV Rank) and K.Anjali (VII Rank).  The Department has contributed three seminars to faculties and students of other colleges nationwide. Inter-departmental competitions conducted on chosen ideas like Flower arrangement, Rangoli, Drawing, Cooking, Vegetable carving, Kolam, Essay writing etc are the added and special feature of the department. We request prayerful support from all. God bless the department.

            The department wishes Pope’s college the best during its golden jubilee!