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Department of Mathematics

            The Department of Mathematics exists right from the inception of Pope’s College (1962) offering Mathematics as one of the subjects in P.U.C. Mathematics was introduced as a major subject in 1966 when the institution was upgraded into a first- Grade College. It started with 24 students and the strength has considerably increased over the years. Today in the present educational scenario, with Mathematics as one of the most sought – after subjects, the strength has attained its peak

            Going down the memory lane, one remembers the eminent professors who served in this vineyard. Prof.V.Durairaj M.Sc.,B.T. , was the first Head of the Department.  He steered the department for about 22 years. He had a rich academic background. As a rank holder of Madras University and a good teacher, he served in various capacities – the President of the Staff Association, the Staff representative of the Governing Board, the Correspondent of John  the Baptist  H.S.S., Puthiamputhur  etc.  He took an initial step in forming “Tamil Sangam” and “Christian Writers’ Forum”  He was the editor of “Vidivelli’’ – a Christian Tamil magazine for about 10 years.  Students still have fond memories of the tours arranged by him.   

            A special mention should be made about Prof. N. Rajakrishnan M.Sc., who served for 8 years from June 1968 to 1976 as a sincere and able teacher.  He left the college when he got government appointment in a polytechnic college.

Prof. A.S. Franklin Theodore Jeyasingh M.Sc., M.Phil., has to his credit the longest service in the department – 36 years,  from June 1968 to 2004. As a typical mathematician, he measured not only his words but also his steps – yes!  He was soft in talk and slow in walk.  He too held various portfolios – Treasurer of Muta Unit, Treasurer of Muta Credit Society,Staff  representative of Governing Board and   Chairman of Board of Studies in M.S. University.  His donation and his endowment to the department still speak about his benevolence and philanthropy.

Another gem of the department, Prof  S. Nelsonraj M.Sc., highly expressive and frank, was more than a teacher to his wards.  Right from his entry into the college in July 1968 till his retirement in 2003, he had been like a caring shepherd.   He took pains to bring back the lost sheep (absentees and drop-outs) by visiting their homes and offering counseling.  No wonder students still keep in touch with him and the M.O.S.A.(Mathematics Old  Students Association) which was founded by him bears  witness to it till date.  He too played several roles at college level as staff representative of Governing Board, President of Muta Unit etc.

A silver tongued orator, an eminent author, a versatile writer, a skilled editor, a talented Tamil Poet, a rank holder  – all rolled into one – Prof. S. Jeyasingh, M.Sc.,M.Phil., stepped into the department in 1969 and worked for 35 years.  Students not only admired his teaching but also his multi skilled personality.  It was he who shouldered the great responsibility of nurturing Bishop Caldwell College, Tuticorin in its budding stage.  He was the staff advisor of  S.C.M., Chairman of Tuticorin Y.F.C., Staff representative of the Governing Board  and Correspondent of Kamala Gnanasironmani H.S.S., Kailasapuram.  He still continues to be the editor of “Vidivelli”.

            Prof.A.Evangeline, M.Sc., M.Phil., M.Ed.,the present H.O.D., fondly referred to as “Maths Madam” in  Sawyerpuram , entered  Pope’s college in 1981 as the first lady  staff member of the department. She is also the first Women Programme Officer of the newly started N.S.S.  Women unit in 1985 . Her chief pleasure lays in offering her hand to the weak students and lifting them up.  She has had moments of joy when her students who could hardly pass achieved centum in their next attempts.  Her students could always expect their corrected answer scripts the very next day of the test.  Being interested in music and singing, she had the privilege of conducting the Christmas carol service once. Throughout her service she consistently conducted weekly prayer cells.  Presently, she is one of the staff representatives of the Governing Board.

            The “Prince” of the department at present – Prof. P. Alayamani M.Sc.,M.Phil.,M.Ed.,P.G.D.C.A. is a prominent  personality.  He has to his credit, the privilege of being the first alumnus to become a staff of the department in 1988. He has been holding several  honorary posts --  the Bursar, Director of Y.M.C.A. institute of computer Education, President  of Lion’s Club,  President of Muta  Unit, Vice Chairman of Y.M.C.A. Southern Region, Senate member of M.S.University  etc.  True to his name, his voice always rings clear and loud like a bell and resonates down the corridors of the department!

            Since 2006,  several  young,  energetic and enthusiastic ladies have entered the  department,  enriched it and added colour and flavour.  They help keep the modern trends alive.  These freshers contribute their mite in several ways:  Mrs. S. Thilaga Leelavathi M.Sc., M.Phil., B.Ed.,P.G.D.C.A.  is one of the NSS  Programme Officers;  Mrs. H. Velwet Getzimah M.Sc., M.Phil., B.Ed., P.G.D.C.P.  is the Coordinator of the Career Counselling Cell and Mrs. K. Jenita Devanesam M.Sc.,M.Phil.  is the Programme Officer of the Y.R.C.  The rest of the faculty Mrs. G. Sugantha  M.Sc., M.Phil.,B.Ed., Miss S. Sivanthi  M.Sc.,M.Phil., Miss  S. Priya M.Sc.,M.Phil., and  Miss G. Parameswari  M.Sc.,M.Phil., serve as the mighty pillars of the magnificent  edifice of the M.Sc.  Programme.  In fact,  these vibrant  youngsters add feathers to the  cap, multiply ranks and  passes, help students score ‘scores’ of centums in the field of “Math – matrix”!

            The role of the alumni of the department is highly commendable.  When the general body  meeting  of M.O.S.A. met in 2004, Mr. J. Pondurai M.Sc.,M.Phil.,M.Ed., (Headmaster, P.M.H.S.S, Sawyerpuram and  the Vice-President  of the M.O.S.A.,  the chief  driving force behind the founding of the two professional colleges in Sawyerpuram) suggested and insisted that it was high time M.Sc. Mathematics was started .  He did not stop with that.  He joined hands with some keen alumni, pooled energy and money from all possible sources,  and saw to it that the long awaited project came true in 2006.  The dream of launching the M.Sc. Course  would never have been brought to existence but for the liberal contributions  made by the college lecturers, retired professors,  old students and the well wishers of Sawyerpuram.                                                                                                                

            The chief beneficiaries of the department are first generation learners. They are encouraged to involve themselves in association activities, exhibit their mathematical skills, develop personality traits and improve corporate fellowship.  They attend seminars, workshops, symposiums and quiz programmes organized both within and without the campus. Every year students go on excursion to places of interest accompanied by the staff.  Social values and virtues are inculcated in students through extension activities which are organized now and then.  They are taken to homes which house the deprived sections  of the society – the mentally challenged, the lepers, the orphans , the deserted and the aged .  They serve as scribes to the visually challenged students and volunteer to donate blood.  Students have come out with flying colours in Sports, N.S.S. and N.C.C. both in college and University levels.Above all students have bagged coveted University ranks and brought laurels to the college.

            “Maxo Quiz” –  a “rolling trophy cum cash prize-Quiz programme “ for High School students  is conducted every year to create and spread interest in Mathematics and general knowledge.

            The year 2012 is a significant one for the students of the  department. It is the National year of Mathematics and also the year of the  college’s Golden Jubilee!  To commemorate the occasion a two day - National Seminar was organized on the “Emerging Trends in Pure and Applied Mathematics”  on 13.09.2012 and 14..09.2012

Three endowment – prizes  have been instituted by some of the  generous  well  wishers.  “Mr. Jesudason  Kingston   Aruliah Endowment  “(Rs  2,000/-)  by  Mrs.  Grace Aruliah in   memory of her son;  “Mr. Joyce  Selvaraj  – Grace Selvaraj    Endowment”   (Rs 10,000/-)  by

Prof.  B. Jeyaraj   Ponniah, M.Sc.,M.Phil.,  in  memory  of    his sister    and    brother-in-law  and

“Prof. A.S. Franklin Endowment” (Rs.10,000/-) by Mrs.  Janaki Franklin  in memory of her husband.   

           We  have a  galaxy  of our  alumni  shining  like stars,  holding  responsible  positions in various  domains –  Education,  Banking, I.T field,  Business,  Religion  and  Government  both   in India  and  abroad.  Why!  the very leader  of the entire T.N. Diocese –  the  revered   Bishop  Rt. Rev. Dr. J.A.D. Jebachandran B.Sc., M.A., B.D., D.D.  is an alumnus of the department of Mathematics!  

            All glory and honour be unto Him whose guiding hand and abiding presence have been with the department all along.