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            Department of Commerce was started in 1985. Mr.A.Gnanadoss and Mr.J.Arulraj Daniel were appointed as the faculty of commerce. Mr.A.Gnanadoss was acting as the Head of the Department. In 1986, Mr.J.Asir Thiayagarajan was appointed as assistant professor of commerce. In 1987, Prof. Aruldoss Henry Samuel was appointed as Prof and Head by transferring from Nazareth Margoschis College, Pillaiyanamanai. In the same year Mr. A. Selvakumar was appointed as assistant professor of Commerce. Initially, the strength of the students was  about 120 of 40 students in each class.  From the year 1992 onwards the strength of the students have been increased from 120 to 150. In the year 2000, the department has installed computers and separate lab which were provided to the students of Commerce.  In the year 2011onwards, the student strength of the department was increased from 150  to 192. In the year 2004 Prof.A.Gnanadoss entered into eternal life. Miss. E. Sweety Priscilla and Mr.S.Samuel Koilraj were also the staff of our department at various periods between 2003 and 2006. From 1st June 2004 onwards Prof. Aruldoss Henry Samuel was acting as Principal - in - charge and retired from service on 31st May 2005. On 31st May 2005 Prof.J.Asir Thiayagarajan voluntarily retired from service for doing Lords Ministry. In 2007, Mrs.D. Annie Angel Mercy was appointed and Mr.J.Johnson Asir and Mrs. J.Sheeba Princess were appointed as Lecturers in the department in the year 2008. Dr. A.Selvakumar was the Head of the Department (Acting) between July 2009 and July 2011 when Mr.J.Arulraj Daniel was on FDP to Scott Christian College, Nagercoil. During the year 2009 – 10 the department celebrated its silver jubilee celebrations. The jubilant functions were inaugurated by Mr. S.R. Srinivasan, Vice president (P), Sterlite Industries, Thoothukudi. Other celebrated activities of the jubilee year were chaired by the then Honourable Minister for Social welfare of Govt. of Tamilnadu Mrs. P.Geetha Jeevan, Mr.S.R.Jeyadurai, M.P of Thoothukudi Constituency and many others. The jubilee year was a honourable one to the college with a number of events – seminars, talent contests, eye camp etc. and the Commerce Alumni Association was also inaugurated during the year.  

            One of the unique features of the department is sending the students to other colleges and university for exhibiting their talents. Our Commerce Students have participated in N.S.S., N.C.C., Physical Education, Y.R.C. and other extra activities. In 2003, one student has attended the Republic Day Parade at New Delhi and another student has participated in Causanic Camp at Ahmadabad. No of Commerce students have participated in other colleges and universities sports events and won the prizes.

            Now-a-days the department conducts Department level Quiz competitions, elocution competitions and cultural programmes regularly. Our department has some extension activities such as visiting Mentally Retarded Home at Sawyerpuram and provide special meals to the inmates (I Year students), visiting Leprosarium at Peikulam and conduct cultural programme with special meals to 100 inmates of the Home ( II Year students) and visiting Old Age Home at Kuttampili ( III Year students).

            In 2010, the Alumni of Commerce Department was started and about 200 students were participated.  Subsequently in 2011 and 2012 the second and third meeting of Alumni Association were celebrated on 26th Jan and 2nd October.  It was decided to have the Alumni Association Meet on every 2nd Saturday of October.

Mr. R. Prakash, the Founder and Director of Holy Cross Engineering College, Vagaikulam is the President of the Commerce Alumni, Mr.Antony,  Accountant of Tamil Nadu  Mercantile Bank, Pudukkottai  is the Secretary of  the Alumni and Mr.Sam Durairaj is the Treasurer of the Alumni Association.

During the year 2011, University Level Seminar was conducted.  On 16th and 17th of  Oct  2012,  Two Days National Level Seminar was conducted with the assistance of SIRC of  ICAI, Thoothukudi.

            In the year 2011 Dr. A. Selvakumar became the Principal of our college and our department became a post graduate department. Mr. R.Raja Jeevan and Mrs. Diana Sweetline were appointed. In the year 2012 Miss. E.Sheeba and Miss. R.Christy were appointed as Lecturers.