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Department of Chemistry

                Department of Chemistry housed in the second floor of the Majestic Science Block functions with spacious, well ventilated and sufficiently furnished class rooms, library and laboratory. The department has a dedicated team of superfluously qualified faculty with immense commitment for the students’ cause, producing good academic results consistently and striving to impart overall development of students.

                The Architect of Chemistry department, Prof. P.S. Sankaran a pioneer staff dedicated his life for the rural students. As a teacher he was strict and uncompromising. His astounding memory – the way he recalls names and incidents is beyond one’s imagination.

                After his retirement Prof. N. Venkatasubramanian shouldered the department until 2001. He was inspiring, intelligent and student friendly. He implemented many programmes for the improvement of the department. Mrs. S. Nageswari joined the department in the year 1978 and later she left for Chennai on migration to SIVET College on private grounds after serving for about 20 years.

                The present team of teaching faculty with Mrs. P. Selvarathy Grace as Head strives to elevate the department to the level of Research centre Dr. R. Jothibai Margret, Dr. B. Ravindran Durainayagam and Dr. C. Ravi Samuel Raj have been recognized as Research supervisors for Ph.D. Programme by the M.S. University. The huge number of research articles they’ve published, and the ample no of M. Phil projects guided by them bear testimony of the faculty members to their commitment to Research and Teaching.  Mrs. Caroline Daisy a gold medalist joined this active core in the year 2007 in the retirement place of Prof. N. Venkatasubramanian.

                Students are trained to undertake advanced level projects and are provided platform to present their findings in seminars with the generous offerings of the kind hearted members in and off the campus. Students’ Aid fund being operated by the department caters to the needy students. The Chemistry Association serves as a spring board for the budding talents.

                Apart from the conventional teaching method, computer aided learning through net connectivity is offered.

                Clinical Laboratory Technology, a career oriented course aided by the UGC is run by the department to equip the students with a diploma in addition to the degree.

                By the sole effort of our Principal Dr. A. Selvakumar with the support of the Secretary Mr.J.J Natterji the Golden Jubilee Launch of our department is “M.Sc Chemistry Course” in 2012. It is a proud and prestigious achievement to fit into the golden celebrations of our college. The time has come for the buds of our department to bloom and blossom.

            The department is privileged to offer one more P.G Programme namely M.Sc Chemistry with specialisation in Green Chemistry funded by UGC under innovative scheme.The dept. that started its stride in 1983 is now galloping as a Recognised Research centre offering M.Phil and Ph.D Programmes.

                So far we have confidently dispatched 30 batches of graduates into the society with the mission to grow and to serve. Most of them are well settled holding high degrees and rank in the society with good morale and social responsibility.

                From the date of inception of the department Mr. R. Meignanamuthu and Mr. D. Lazer Anantharaj joined hands with the staff members sincerely to run the laboratory work. Later Mr. A. Pope, Mr. M. Durairaj, Mr. S. Jacob Rajan, Mr. J. Suviseshamuthu and at present Mr. P.Suresh and Mr. I. Pondurai and Mrs. P. Margaret Jebaseeli render their service as Lab. Assts for the effective functioning of the regular activities.