George Uglow Pope (1820 - 1908) popularly known as Rev. G.U. Pope or G.U. Pope was a Christian missionary who spent many years in Tamil Nadu and translated many Tamil texts into English. His popular translations include Tirukkural and Tiruvachagam. His efforts were recognized by the Royal Asiatic Society in the form of a gold medal. He was the head of the Bishop Cotton Boys School, Bangalore before returning to Oxford.

George Uglow Pope was born on 24 April 1820 in Prince Edward Island in Nova Scotia. His family migrated to England when he was an infant. He left for South India in 1839 and arrived at Sawyerpuram near Tuticorin. Pope turned into a scholar of Tamil, Sanskrit and Telugu. He set up several schools and taught Latin, English, Hebrew, Mathematics and Philosophy.

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“To strive to impart Christian value based education to the poor sections of community to transform them holistically – spiritually, mentally and physically – to be agents of change and to be responsible and purposeful citizens”.

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“Pope’s college has for its end, the moral and mental development of its students in such a way that they may be fully equipped in heart and mind for whatever particular life work lies before them.

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